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Prof. Dr. Stefan Vidal


  • Multitrophische Interaktionen zwischen Kulturpflanzen, Pathogenen, herbivoren Insekten und natürlichen Gegenspielern
  • Ökologie der Wechselbeziehungen zwischen endophytischen Pilzen, Pflanzen und Insekten
  • Einfluss gentechnisch veränderter Kulturpflanzen auf Nichtzielorganismen
  • Integrierte Kontrolle tierischer Schaderreger in Winterweizen und Winterraps
  • Langzeit-Monitoring der Populationsdynamik von Getreideblattläusen
  • Einfluss von diversifizierten Anbausystemen auf die Populationsdynamik von Schaderregern


ATTRACAP | 14.07.17
Wireworm damage in potato production substantially increased within the last years, both in conventional and organic production systems. Farmers often... [+]

Population dynamics and integrated control of cabbage whitefly infesting vegetable cabbages | 24.08.16
... [+]

ATTRACT | 26.03.13
Wireworms are the larvae of click beetles and an important group of soil dwelling pests. They attack the subterranean parts of a wide range of crop pl... [+]

Does fungal infection influence the volatile profile of tomato plants and does this have an effect on tomato feeding aphids? | 02.02.13
Does fungal infection influence the volatile profile of tomato plants and does this have an effect on tomato feeding aphids? Tomato crops are widely... [+]

Weitere Forschungsprojekte



Sann C, Theodorou P, Heong K L, Villareal S, Vidal S and Westphal C (2017) | 29.11.17
Hopper parasitoids do not significantly benefit from non-crop habitats in rice production landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, in press.... [+]

Humbert P, Przyklenk M, Vemmer M, Schumann M, Vidal S and Patel A V (2017) | 18.09.17
Technical scale production of encapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Metarhizium brunneum attractive to wireworms. Biocontrol Science and Technology 27: pp. 1049-1070. DOI: 10.1080/09583157.2017.1380164... [+]

Mwaura P, Niere B and Vidal S (2017) | 31.08.17
Application of an entomopathogenic fungus (Beauveria bassiana) increases potato nematodes reproduction and potato tubers damage caused by Ditylenchus destructor and D. dipsaci. Biological Control 115: pp. 23-29. DOI:...... [+]

Krell V, Jakobs-Schoenwandt D, Vidal S and Patel A V (in press) | 31.07.17
Encapsulation of Metarhizium brunneum enhances endophytism in tomato plants. Biological Control. DOI:10.1016/j.biocontrol.2017.05.004... [+]

Wemheuer F, Hollenstein J, Poehlein A, Granzow S, Daniel R, Vidal S and Wemheuer B (2017) | 25.07.17
Draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas putida strain GM4FR, an endophytic bacterium isolated from Festuca rubra L. Genome Announcements 5. DOI:10.1128/genomeA.00086-17... [+]

Schaefer H L, Brandes H, Ulber B, Becker H C and Vidal S (2017) | 25.07.17
Evaluation of nine genotypes of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) for larval infestation and performance of rape stem weevil (Ceutorhynchus napi Gyll.). PLoS ONE 12:e0180807. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0180807 ... [+]

Schaefer-Koesterke H L, Brandes H, Ulber B, Becker H C and Vidal S (2017) | 25.07.17
The potential of resynthesized lines to provide resistance traits against rape stem weevil in oilseed rape. Journal of Pest Science 90: pp. 87-101. DOI: 10.1007/s10340-016-0742-y ... [+]

Hollenstein J, Poehlein A, Daniel R, Liesegang H, Vidal S and Wemheuer F (2017) | 25.07.17
Draft genome sequence of Bacillus pumilus strain GM3FR, an endophyte isolated from aerial plant tissue of Festuca rubra L. Genome Announcements 5. DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.00085-17 ... [+]

Granzow S, Kaiser K, Wemheuer B, Pfeiffer B, Daniel R, Vidal S and Wemheuer F (2017) | 25.07.17
The effects of cropping regimes on fungal and bacterial communities of wheat and faba bean in a greenhouse pot experiment differ between plant species and compartment. Frontiers in Microbiology 8. DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00902 ... [+]

Bisseleua, D H B, Begoude D, Tonnang H and Vidal S (2017) | 25.07.17
Ant-mediated ecosystem services and disservices on marketable yield in cocoa agroforestry systems. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 247: pp. 409-417. DOI: 10.1016/j.agee.2017.07.004... [+]

Agboton C, Onzo A, Korie S, Tamo M, Vidal S (2017) | 25.07.17
Spatial and temporal infestation rates of Apate terebrans (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in cashew orchards in Benin, West Africa. African Entomology 25: pp. 24-36. DOI: 10.4001/003.025.0024 ... [+]

Wemheuer F, Kaiser K, Karlovsky P, Danie R, Vidal S and Wemheuer B (2017) | 30.01.17
Bacterial endophyte communities of three agricultural important grass species differ in their response towards management regimes, Scientific Reports 7. DOI: 10.1038/srep40914... [+]

Brandl M A, Schumann M, Przyklenk M, Patel A and Vidal S (2017) | 16.12.16
Wireworm damage reduction in potatoes with an attract-and-kill strategy using Metarhizium brunneum. Journal of Pest Science 90: pp. 479-493 DOI: 10.1007/s10340-016-0824-x ... [+]

Schumann M, Tappe B, French W and Vidal S (2017) | 16.12.16
Semi field trials to evaluate undersowings in maize for management of western corn rootworm larvae. Bulletin of Insectology 70: pp. 63-68.... [+]


Suryanarayanan T.S., Govinda Rajulu, M.B. and Vidal S. (2016) | 07.07.16
Biological Control Through Fungal Endophytes: Gaps in Knowledge Hindering Success;  Current Biotechnology, 5, (2) in press... [+]

Brandl M.A., Schumann M., French B.W. and Vidal S. (2016) | 04.07.16
Screening of botanical extracts for repellence against western corn rootworm larvae. Journal of Insect Behaviour, 29, 395-414... [+]

Hussein A., Karlovsky P., Mashaly A.M.A and Vidal S. (2016) | 21.04.16
Specialization and host plant use of the common clones of Sitobion avenae (Homoptera: Aphididae), Applied Entomology and Zoology, 51 (2), 289-295... [+]

Gonzalez F., Tkaczuk C., Dinu M.M., Fiedler Z., Vidal S., Zchori-Fein E. and Messelink G.J. (2016) | 07.03.16
New opportunities for the integration of microorganisms in to biological pest control systems in greenhouse crops. Journal of Pest Science, 89, 295-311... [+]

Schaefer-Koesterke H.L., Brandes H., Ulber B., Becker H.C. and Vidal, S. (2016) | 02.03.16
The potential of resynthesized lines to provide resistance traits against rape stem weevil in oilseed rape. Journal of Pest Science (online)... [+]

Wemheuer F.,Wemheuer B.,Kretzschmar D.,Pfeiffer B., Herzog S.,Daniel R. and Vidal S. (2016) | 23.02.16
Impact of grassland management regimes on bacterial endophyte diversity differs with grass species.  Letters in Applied Microbiology, 62, 323-329... [+]

Vemmer M., Schumann M., Beitzen-Heineke W., French B.W., Vidal S. and Patel A. (2016) | 16.02.16
Development of a CO2 releasing co-formulation based on starch, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Beauveria bassiana attractive towards western corn rootworm larvae. Pest Management Science (online)... [+]

Eberlein C., Heuer H., Vidal S. and Westphal, A. (2016) | 16.02.16
Microbial communities in Globodera pallida females raised in potato monoculture soil. Phytopathology, 106(6):581-590... [+]


Vandenbossche B.A.B., Niere B. and Vidal S. (2015) | 26.11.15
Effect of temperature on the hatch of two German populations of the beet cyst nematodes,Heterodera schachtii and Heterodera betae. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection, 122 (5/6), 250–254.... [+]

Westphal C.,Vidal S.,Horgan F.G., Gurr G.M.,Escalada M., Van Chien H., Tscharntke T.,Heong K.L. and Settele J. (2015) | 22.10.15
Promoting multiple ecosystem services with flower strips and participatory approaches in rice production landscapes. Basic and Applied Ecology, in press... [+]

Alkhedir, H., Habekuss A. ,Schliephake E., Mashaly A. M. ,Karlovsky P. and Vidal S. (2015) | 29.09.15
Do secondary bacterial endosymbionts of aphids affect the vector specificity or transmission efficiency of plant viruses? African Entomology 23: 356-360.... [+]

Akhledir H., Karlovsky P., Mashaly M.A. and Vidal, S. (2015) | 20.07.15
Phylogenetic relationships of the symbiotic bacteria in the aphid Sitobion avenae (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Environmental Entomology, DOI: 10.1093/ee/nvv114... [+]

Vidal S. and Jaber L.R. (2015) | 29.06.15
Entomopathogenic fungi as endophytes: plant–endophyte–herbivore interactions and prospects for use in biological control. Current Science 109: 10 – 18... [+]

Lohse R., Jakobs-Schönwandt D., Vidal S. and Patel A.V. (2015) | 07.05.15
Evaluation of new fermentation and formulation strategies for a high endophytic establishment of Beauveria bassiana in oilseed rape plants. Biological Control, in press ... [+]

Junk J., Ulber B., Vidal S. and Eickermann M. (2015) | 18.02.15
Assessing climate change impacts on the rape stem weevil, Ceutorhynchus napi Gyll., based on bias and non-bias corrected regional climate change projections.  International Journal of Biometeorology. in press. DOI...... [+]

Mwaura P., Niere B. and Vidal S. (2015) | 01.01.15
Effect of initial population densities of Ditylenchus destructor and D. dipsaci on potato tuber damage and nematode reproduction. Nematology, in press. DOI: 10.1163/15685411-00002861... [+]


Agboton C., Onzo A., Ouessou F. I., Goergen G., Vidal S. and Tamò M. (2014) | 02.12.14
Insect fauna associated with cashew trees, (Anacardium occidentale), in Benin, West Africa. Journal of Insect Science 14 (1) DOI: 10.1093/jisesa/ieu091    ... [+]

Vidal S. (2014) | 22.10.14
Entomopathogenic fungi as endophytes: Plant-endophyte-herbivore interactions and prospects for use in biological control. Current Science, in press... [+]

Mutua P.M., Niere B. and Vidal S. (2014) | 22.10.14
Resistance and tolerance of potato varieties to potato rot nematode (Ditylenchus destructor) and stem nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci) Annals of Applied Biology, in press... [+]

Schumann M. und Vidal S. (2014) | 31.03.14
Kapseln gegen Drahtwürmer. DLZ Agrarmagazin, 4, 66 - 68... [+]

Schumann M., Toepfer S., Vemmer M., Patel A., Kuhlmann U. and Vidal S. (2014) | 15.01.14
Field evaluation of an attract and kill strategy against western corn rootworm larvae. Journal of Pest Science, 87 (2),259-271... [+]

Schumann M., Patel. A and Vidal S. (2014) | 01.01.14
Soil Application of an Encapsulated CO2 Source and its Potential for Management of Western Corn Rootworm Larvae. Journal of Economic Entomology, 107 (1), 230-239... [+]

Schumann M., Vemmer M., Patel A. and Vidal S. (2014) | 01.07.13
The role of carbon dioxide as an orientation cue for western corn rootworm larvae within the maize root system - implications for an attract and kill approach, Pest Management Science, 70 (4),642-650... [+]


Lohaus K. and Vidal S. (2013) | 12.12.13
Nitrogen supply in conventional versus organic farming systems: effects on the performance of cereal aphids. Organic Agriculture, 3, 129-139... [+]

Settele J, Kühn I, Klotz S, Arida G, Bergmeier E, Burkhard B, Bustamante JV, Dao Thanh Truong, Escalada M, Görg C, Grescho V, Ho Van Chien, Heong KL, Hirneisen N, Hotes S, Jahn R, Klotzbücher T, Marion G, Marquez L, Marxen A, Moritz R, Müller F, Nguyen Van | 12.12.13
Kulturlandschaftsforschung in Südostasien – das LEGATO-Projekt. Berichte. Geographie und Landeskunde 87(3): 315-323. Deutsche Akademie für Landeskunde e.V. & Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde, Leipzig.... [+]

Dematheis F, Kurtz B, Vidal S and Smalla K (2013) | 18.11.13
Multitrophic interactions among Western Corn Rootworm, Glomus intraradices and microbial communities in the rhizosphere and endorhiza of maize plants. Frontiers in Microbiology (In press); doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00357... [+]

Schumann M., Jakobs-Schönwandt D., Vemmer M., Patel A. und Vidal S. (2013) | 14.05.13
„Attract & Kill” - Eine neue Strategie zur Diabrotica-Bekämpfung, Mais, 2, 92-93... [+]

Dobrindt L., Stroh H.-G., Isselstein J. and Vidal S. (2013) | 14.05.13
Infected – not infected: Factors influencing the abundance of the endophyte Neotyphodium lolii in managed grasslands. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 175, 54-59... [+]

Wilstermann A, Vidal S (2013) | 26.03.13
Western corn rootworm egg hatch and larval development under constant and varying temperatures. Journal of Pest Science,86 (3),419-428... [+]

Lehmhus J, Vidal S (2013) | 26.03.13
Dem Drahtwurm an den Kragen. Top agrar 4/2013, 100-103... [+]

Hervé Bertin Daghela Bisseleua, Daniel Fotio, Yede, Alain Didier Missoup, Stefan Vidal (2013) | 26.03.13
Shade Tree Diversity, Cocoa Pest Damage, Yield Compensating Inputs and Farmers' Net Returns in West Africa, PLOS ONE 8:  e56115... [+]

Alkhedir H, Karlovsky P and Vidal S (2013) | 03.02.13
Relationship between water soluble carbohydrate content, aphid endosymbionts and clonal performance of Sitobion avenae on cocksfoot cultivars. PlosOne, 8, e5432... [+]

Agboka K, Schulthess F, Tounou AK, Tamò M and Vidal S (2013) | 14.12.12
The effect of leguminous cover crops and cowpea planted as border rows on maize ear borers with special reference to Mussidia nigrivenella Ragonot (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Crop Protection 43, 72-78.... [+]

Agboton B, Hanna R, Onzo A, Vidal S and Tiedemann A (2013) | 14.12.12
Interactions between the predatory mite Typhlodromalus aripo and the entomopathogenic fungus Neozygites tanajoae and consequences for the suppression of their shared prey/host Mononychellus tanajoa. Experimental and Applied...... [+]

Schumann M, Patel A and Vidal S (2013) | 12.12.12
Evaluation of an attract and kill strategy for western corn rootworm larvae. Applied Soil Ecology, 64, 178 - 189... [+]

Weitere Publikationen

Curriculum vitae

since 2004 Co-Editor in chief of “Journal of Applied Entomology”, Blackwell-Publisher
since 2000 Member of the German Commission for Biological Security of genetically engineered organisms (“ZKBS”)
1999 - 2004 Director of the Institute for Plant Pathology and Plant Protection; GAU
2000 - 2003 Coordinator of the EU-Project “Threat to European maize production by the invasive quarantine pest, Western Corn Rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera): a new sustainable crop management approach”
since 1999 C3-Professor at the Georg-August-University (GAU) Goettingen, chair for agricultural entomology
1997 C3-Professor at the Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen, Chair for applied ecology and stored product research
1996 Habilitation at the Department of Horticulture, University of Hanover
1992 - 1996 Assistant professor at the Institute for Plant Diseases and Plant Protection, University of Hanover; research topics: Impact of endophytic fungi on their host plants and herbivorous insects; intercropping management in field vegetables, pathogen-herbivorous insect-parasitoid-interactions
1987 - 1992 Scientific employee at the Department of Biology, University of Hamburg
1988 Ph.D. at the same institution (Population dynamics of the leafmining weevil Rhynchaenus populi [Fabricius, 1792] [Coleoptera, Curculionidae]: Impact of hostplant, intraspecific competition, parasitoids and predators)
1982 degree dissertation on host- parasitoid-complexes of leafminers on willows
1975 study of biology at the Phillips‑University Marburg
1.6.1950 born in Hamburg, Germany;


Prof. Dr. Stefan Vidal

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Department für Nutzpflanzenwissenschaften
Abteilung Agrarentomologie

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