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Publikationen 2018

Krell V, Jakobs-Schoenwandt D, Vidal S and Patel A V (2018) | 18.04.18
Cellulase enhances endophytism of encapsulated Metarhizium brunneum in potato plants. Fungal Biology: in press.... [+]

Agatz A, Schumann M M, French B W, Brown C D and Vidal, S (2018) | 21.03.18
Assessment of acute toxicity tests and rhizotron experiments to characterise lethal and sub-lethal control of soil-based pests. Pest Management Science: in press.... [+]

Sann C, Wemheuer F, Beaurepaire A, Daniel R, Erler S and Vidal S (2018) | 09.02.18
Preliminary Investigation of Species Diversity of Rice Hopper Parasitoids in Southeast Asia. Insects 9(1), 19     doi:10.3390/insects9010019... [+]

Agboton C, Onzo A, Akohou H A, Goergen G, Vidal S and Tamo M (2018) | 19.01.18
Population dynamics of the cashew leafminer, Eteoryctis gemoniella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), and inventory of its parasitoids in cashew orchards of Northern Benin, West Africa. International Journal of Tropical Insect...... [+]

Humbert P, Vemmer M, Mävers F, Schumann M, Vidal S and Patel A V (2018) | 19.12.17
Development of an attract-and-kill co-formulation containing Saccharomyces cerevisiae and neem extract attractive towards wireworms. Pest Management Science: in press... [+]

Hiltpold I, Schumann M, Ladin Z and Beatens J (2018) | 21.11.17
Navigating on a chemical radar: Usage of root exudates by foraging Diabrotica virgifera virgifera larvae. Journal of Applied Entomology: in press... [+]