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Dr. Ines Vollhardt

Research interests

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Research Projects



Albrecht M, [...] Tscharntke T, Venturini E, Veromann E, Vollhardt IMG, Wäckers F, Ward K, Wilby A, Woltz M, Wratten S and Sutter L (2020) | 28.08.20
The effectiveness of flower strips and hedgerows on pest control, pollination services and crop yield: a quantitative synthesis. Ecology Letters: DOI:10.1111/ele.13576... [+]


Vollhardt IMG, Ye Z, Parth N, Rubbmark O, Fründ J and Traugott M (2019) | 06.06.19
Influence of plant fertilisation on cereal aphid-primary parasitoid-secondary parasitoid networks in simple and complex landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 281: pp. 47–55.   DOI: 10.1016/j.agee.2019.04.030... [+]

Čkrkić J, Petrović A, Kocić K, Ye Z, Vollhardt IMG, Hebert PDN, Traugott M and Tomanović Ž (2019) | 04.06.19
Hidden in plain sight: phylogeography of an overlooked parasitoid species Trioxys sunnysidensis Fulbright & Pike (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae). Agricultural and Forest Entomology.   DOI: 10.1111/afe.12332... [+]


Ye Z, Vollhardt IMG, Parth N, Rubbmark O and Traugott M (2018) | 19.12.18
Facultative bacterial endosymbionts shape parasitoid food webs in natural host populations: A correlative analysis. Journal of Animal Ecology 87 (5): 1440-1451... [+]


Ye Z, Vollhardt IMG, Girtler S, Wallinger C, Tomanovic Z and Traugott M (2017) | 19.11.17
An effective molecular approach for assessing cereal aphid-parasitoid-endosymbiont networks.   Scientific Reports 7 (1): Article Number: 3138... [+]

Ye Z, Vollhardt IMG, Tomanovic Z and Traugott M (2017) | 18.11.17
Evaluation of three molecular markers for identification of European primary parasitoids of cereal aphids and their hyperparasitoids. PLoS ONE 12 (5): e0177376... [+]

Further publications

Curriculum vitae


Dr. Ines Vollhardt

Postdoctoral Researcher

Georg-August-University Goettingen
Department for Crop Sciences
Agricultural Entomology

Grisebachstrasse 6
D-37077 Göttingen
Phone:   +49 (0)551 -39 19495
Fax:         +49 (0)551 -39 12105