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Wireworm damage in potato production substantially increased within the last years, both in conventional and organic production systems. Farmers often face existence-threatening yield losses due to wireworms. Currently effective plant protection stra... [+]

By: Frauke Mävers and Stefan Vidal
Wireworms are the larvae of click beetles and an important group of soil dwelling pests. They attack the subterranean parts of a wide range of crop plants and are a serious problem in many cultures, mainly due to the lack of proper control options fo... [+]

Biodiversity and landscape complexity in agroecosystems under global change; Project Phytopathology (BIOPLEX)
By: Dr. Lars Reimer
October 2000 – September 2003 Funding: BMBF Genetic variability of aphids After the intense focus on aphids as pests, they nowadays become model organisms due to their different modes of reproduction, morphological variability and change of ho... [+]

Biodiversity, economic inequality, and spatial complexity in tropical rainforest margins
By: Hervé Bertin Bisseleua Daghela
This project evaluate how biodiversity is affected by economic inequality (gender and poverty), historic and current land use respectively. We will (i) compile available and new data on (a) gender, inequality and poverty; (b) species richness and for... [+]

By: Carsten Schmidt
This work participate with the multidisciplinary research program STORMA- Stability of Rainforest Margins SFB 552, wich aim is to analyse processes that may contribute to the stability of rainforest margins and to develop integrated concepts of susta... [+]

Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction in Rural Cameroon using CBMS Approach
By: Herve Bertin Bisseleua Daghela
The objectives of this project are to use the CBMS (Community-Based Monitoring System) to assist the GOC in improving their PRSP (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper) by accentuating the role of capacity building and capacity reinforcement in their prog... [+]

Diversity of endophytic fungi on cacao and impact on plant-pathogen and plant-insect interactions in relation to agroforestry management
By: Stefan Vidal
This subproject aims at assessing the diversity of endophytic fungi in cacao trees in relation to agronomic practices. Our central hypotheses are that (i) the diversity of endophytic fungi is declining from agroforestry to monoculture plantations, th... [+]

Does fungal infection influence the volatile profile of tomato plants and does this have an effect on tomato feeding aphids?
By: Sandra Aragon Rodrigez
Does fungal infection influence the volatile profile of tomato plants and does this have an effect on tomato feeding aphids? Tomato crops are widely known as highly volatile organic compounds releasers like other solanaceous plants such as potato. ... [+]

Ecology of the predatory stink bug Eocanthecona furcellata
By: Khin Thein Nyunt
December 2004- March 2005 Funding: Gottlieb Daimler- und Karl Benz-Stiftung American cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera - Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) commonly infests not only commercial varieties of Gossypium hirsutum cotton but also other imp... [+]